Friday, 15 February 2008

Recheck Appointment

Took Taylor back for her recheck appointment. I think our nurse might have split personality disorder. The same crazy lady from yesterday was COMPLETELY different today. She was talking to me, cuddling with Taylor, waited for us to gather our stuff before taking us in a room. It was bizarre! Then she looked at Taylor and said, "she has a head full of dark hair, and blue eyes! She must look like her Dad!" Whaaaaa? I found that quite odd considering I have dark hair (and it was even wet at the time) and blue eyes. Maybe she is crazy?

Anyway, the doctor came in and checked out Taylor, and she is doing great! She seems almost completely better. No more fever, no sneezing, she only coughed a couple of times today, and she was in a great smiling mood. This time the doctor told me how wonderful it was that I was breastfeeding and that helped keep her from getting too sick, yadda yadda yadda. All this after chastising me yesterday for not getting a flu shot.

So we go back in two weeks to get her 8 week check up! Then 5 days after that we HEAD HOME!!!! So excited! The dog gate came today for the Trailblazer so Cossie doesn't jump over the back seat. The snail for the top is on it's way also, so we can put most of our stuff up there and have plenty of room for us and the dog. I hope the next couple weeks goes by quick!

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Betty said...

I am glad to hear that Taylor is better. You are a good Mommy!
So you decided to travel back home.
What ever you need just let me know
have a good night