Sunday, 24 February 2008

Pics and a video

As promised, here's the pictures of Taylor getting a kick out of her reflection.

A big grin, you can see her cheeks are a bit red from her rash. It comes and goes, but it's mostly cleared up. Her poor little cheeks are a little rough feeling, but they don't get red too often. When they do we give them a little treatment and it clears back up.

Oh, and I thought this picture was too cute of her sleeping on her boppy. She just finished eating and I moved her to the side so I could eat my dinner without waking her and she stayed perfectly in position.

I know this video is sideways, it didn't dawn on me that I can't flip a video around until I went to play it back. Oops! I hope you don't get a neck-ache looking at it! :) She starts to get mad at the end so we had to cut the video short.

1 comment:

Betty said...

Oh my sweet thing, she so adorable sleeping, just like a little angel.
Love pictures of babies sleeping.