Friday, 23 May 2008

Making a comeback

Well, this has been a crazy week! Everything is going pretty well. Taylor has been rolling both front to back, and back to front routinely now! BUT she will only do one at a time, so if she rolls back to front, she cries because she doesn't like being on her tummy, but if you put her on her tummy she'll roll on her back. Silly kid!

On the car front, we're still waiting to settle the claim with the insurance. We weren't completely satisfied with what they were going to offer us, so we sent them some links to "like" cars in the area that were going for more than they were offering to see if we can get them to come up. However, we will be buying it back as it's only $450 to buy the salvage which seems to be in good shape except the interior.

The adjuster told us to go ahead and tow it home since they would no longer need to look at it. So we rented a trailer from the base equipment rental and brought her home. Drew started working on her yesterday to see if we could get it running. He's still working on swapping all the fluids and stuff out with new stuff, but so far the electrical seems to be unharmed so that's a plus. Hopefully sometime tomorrow we'll get to try and start her and see how it goes.

Here's some pics of the endeavor:

I think this pretty much sums it up:

And Taylor thinks it is all just too boring:

No plans for Memorial Day yet, we both have the day off so we'll probably just hang out and relax. I know I have some cleaning to get done this weekend, oh fun!! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

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