Sunday, 18 May 2008

Total Loss

Well, the insurance adjuster called yesterday and said our car was going to be a total loss. Drew and I are both really bummed for several reasons. One being that it was paid off! Two, we both have a very sentimental attachment to the car. Three, on the outside, it looks perfectly fine so it's hard to accept it as "totaled". We stopped by to pick up the personal belongings and grab the stereo out of it until we know what all is going on. I took some pictures while we were there.

The car was parked straight, but the water floated the back end over to a diagonal.

Here you can see the water line on the door. Because of the way it was parked, it was a bit higher on the other side.

Water in the cup holders

and in the center console.

The trunk

The back seat carpet.

We took the speakers out and it was already starting to mold in the box.

When we lifted up the floorboard of the trunk, the spare tire was floating.

About a foot of water still in the trunk.
We need to wait to hear from the insurance company about what will happen next. So that's our big bummer for the week.

Work is going well for me, though it's still to be determined if it's going to continue to work out. With all that went on last week none of us got as much sleep as we needed, and sharing one car is particular frustrating. I actually got to do some work on Friday rather than just shadow so that was good, mostly it's just the tedious process of learning this clinics particular procedures go.

I got the stitches out of my finger on Friday and while it's still quite sore and doesn't bend all the way just yet, it's healing up nicely. It's still tender and swollen around the joint, and it's still numb from the wound up to the base of my nail, but I imagine that it will take quite a while to completely heal.

Taylor is doing well, she's still rolling over and being a giggle monster. It seems every day she does a little something new.

Holden is also growing like a weed, getting the hang of this potty thing, and Cossie is getting less annoyed with him. He is too cute, he's already learning the routine for feeding time. As soon as you get food in his bowl and walk over to put it down he runs into his kennel and sits down then stares at you and waits until you put it down and give him the okay. He's a smart little boy!

Off to figure out what to do for dinner while the baby is napping. Just wanted to give a quick update!

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