Thursday, 1 May 2008

Stopping for a breather

We've had a busy week, not really doing much, but a lot all at the same time! We've just had places to go, errands to run, people to meet. Drew has been studying for his test. Tuesday I went to Weight Watchers and I GAINED 1.2 LBS! Ack! That's okay though. It's my first gain in 7 weeks so I can't really complain, I think it's gone already anyway!

Taylor has been pretty good, eating like crazy, she slept a lot yesterday, today not so much. She has a bit of a stuffy nose and it keeps waking her up so she's been a little on the cranky side. I was organizing some papers in a 3 ring binder when she woke up one time and I jumped up to check on her and stepped on one of the rings, I now have a big gash in the bottom of my foot. It hurts.

We did take a few pictures today on a white paper background. She wanted to show everybody how good she is at tummy time now! She's still not wanting to roll from front to back, but she's ALMOST rolling from back to front. She just doesn't quite get all the way over, we're very proud of her for trying though! Maybe soon. She does have a new sound she's making, it's kind of like a growl and she holds it out until she runs out of breath, then takes a deep one and lets it out again. Such a goon!

Tomorrow we're making our trip to the grocery store and filling up with gas so we can go get the puppy Saturday morning, yay!! I'm super excited, but I wont lie, I'm not looking forward to the puppy training thing again. Are we nuts? Yep, a little.. but the sacrifices we make now will repay us later. I'll just have to keep telling myself that at 3 in the morning.

Anyway, that's about it, on with the pics!!

So Serious.

So funny!
Do we look alike yet?

Posts might be far and few between for the next week or so, but I'll do my best! We're getting Holden on Saturday, Sunday Drew is going to be doing extra studying for his test which is Monday so he'll have the computer pretty much all day. Monday Holden has a vet appointment to get his all clear for his health guarantee. Tuesday Taylor has her 4 month checkup at 7:50 in the morning (why, oh why???) and then I weigh in at 11:30. I think Wednesday is the next free day, so we'll see how it goes! Sorry it's been a quiet few days!

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Betty said...

Jen! the pictures are fantastic!
Did you used your new lights?
Taylor is adorable.
If you want we can get together Wednesday for a little bit in the afternoon. Let me know!