Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Well, made it through until Wednesday!

Saturday night went great with Holden, but Sunday however was not quite as nice. He screamed from about 4AM to 6:30AM! It's gotten a little better since then at least. Potty training is going okay, slow of course, but that's how potty training is. We're still working out our routine, once we get one established I think it will move a long quicker.

Monday Drew took his test, he feels like he did a good job but we wont find out the results until AUGUST. Here's hoping! He did study a lot so I know he was about as prepared as he could get. In the afternoon we took Holden to the vet to get him checked out and I left with a job. Seriously!

I had asked about volunteering a few hours a week there to keep up my skills and they said they would get back to me. While we were there one of the head techs came in and told me they don't do volunteer, but they could hire me on a part time flexible basis. Whaa?? I explained my concerns and why I didn't want to be held accountable (if Drew changed shifts, etc. I'd have to be home with the baby). She said most of the people that work there are military and all I need to do is call as soon as I know. She brought me an application and I told her I'd bring it back later. As I was pulling out of the driveway, she came running back after me to see if I could do a quick interview. I told her I wasn't wearing my interview clothes as I was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt with flip flops, toting Taylor (whom they absolutely adored!). She said that was okay, she just wanted me to meet the office manager. I went in, they asked me a couple questions, but mostly flirted with Taylor, she said, Can you start Thursday?? I laughed and said No, but that I would bring back the application and we would go from there.

I took it back this morning and I'm going to do a trial week next week. My schedule will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 to noon. I think that will be feasible, and if it's not working out, well I don't have to stay, but for the flexibility and the light schedule, I couldn't NOT try. Mostly to keep my skills up, but the extra cash is always nice (especially with these gas prices, whew!). It's a beautiful clinic, and everyone is very nice there. I'm looking forward to it, but nervous at the same time. I'm afraid I'm biting off more than I can chew, but I guess that will be determined!

Yesterday morning was Taylors 4 month checkup. She's no longer tall and thin, she's short and thin! I guess they measured her wrong last time (Did i mention I hate the base pedes clinic????) so she's shrunk from 25" to 23.5", she weighs 12lbs 11oz (25th percentile for both), I can't remember her head size but it was in the 50th percentile. The doc said she's growing proportionally though and doing well. She said we can start her on rice cereal as well one to two times a day. So, she had her first bites of rice! She wasn't sure what to think, but she was getting the hang of it towards the end. I do have pictures, but I need to get them off the camera so I'll try and do that this evening.

After the doc appointment we ran some errands and then went to Weight Watchers. I lost 3 lbs, yay! So I made up for the 1.2 I gained last week, and then some! That put me right at 15 lbs since I rejoined and at my pre-pregnancy weight!

We got home and Taylor was cranky from being up early and her nap schedule getting messed up. At 5pm I went ahead and let her take a nap, except she stayed asleep! She didn't get up until 6 this morning, then went back to sleep for an hour! I couldn't believe it!

Thats the update for the last few days. I'll get the pics when I can and share them. Hope all is well with everyone!

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Erin said...

Well Yay for the new job!!! I hope it goes well for you! Can't wait to see Taylor's baby food pictures! :)