Sunday, 25 November 2007

34 Weeks!

Drew took my 34 week photo today! I must admit I love finally having a belly, when the baby is really active (most of the time) I love watching it move and bounce all over the place. She moves a lot for Drew now also so he gets to take part in baby moving. She was going crazy at dinner tonight so while we were waiting for our food we were watching her roll around. Such fun!

We went to a place called the Louisiana Boardwalk yesterday which is a big shopping center on the riverside. It's all outdoors though and it was raining so we just popped into a few places then decided to go to the movies to see Beowulf. It was pretty good! We were there really early and they had a Dance Dance Revolution game, so I played it for a little bit. I was surprised that I still had the stamina to play, but I rocked it!

We went to the gym today and went and stocked up on some groceries for the room. Drew starts in-processing tomorrow and we have to take our rental car back and swap it for a smaller one and do another contract. They have been really helpful at enterprise trying to keep us in a car for as cheap as possible. Unfortunately because last week was a holiday, their corporate office hiked up the rates, which is why we are re-doing the contract tomorrow when the rates go back down.

I'll probably hang out on base while Drew does his stuff tomorrow. It's a pretty long walk to the gym but if it's not too cold then I might go there. Hopefully my referral will come tomorrow so I can schedule my OB appointment. Other than that.. same ol' same ol'! We should hear in the next day or two about when the appraiser will be out and when we can finish up the loan paperwork.

All for now!

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