Thursday, 8 November 2007

Thursday update.

I talked to Drew this morning and he said they came and picked up most of our stuff today (the slow shipment) and everything went well! He said the house is really empty, and kind of weird. They will come tomorrow for the rest of the stuff and he'll spend the weekend cleaning the place, sodding the back yard and getting ready for the final inspection on Monday. I hope it goes well!

I'm headed to Mom's today, she should be here in an hour and a half or so to pick me up. We're going down to see Auntie Debbie, and then back home! I'm looking forward to seeing Gary and the Boys as well! Grandma is coming down tomorrow I think, so that's exciting! I'm not sure who else I'll get to see but I hope it's as many people as possible. I sure miss everybody! It seems like forever since I've seen anybody! I wish I was going to be here longer, BUT we'll be back as soon as possible with a new addition to the White Family.... are you excited?? I am!!!

I'm still doing well, the baby is still active and rolling around a lot. Cossie is getting better and better every day. He was full of energy this morning, but after breakfast and his medicine he's resting on the couch again. I think the pain meds keep him a little subdued, but that's a good thing! He's really been a trooper and I'm very pleased with the way his recovery is going.

I'll update more this weekend!

Love to you all!

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