Friday, 30 November 2007

Got the internet back!

The hotel wireless internet connection has been down for the past few days so I haven't been able to update! It's back though, so I'm posting to let you all know what's been going on this week!

Monday we went and filled out our loan application, our broker Lynn is just waiting for the appraisal to come back (she should have it by today or Monday) and then she'll send it up! Everything still looks great, and we're getting more and more excited (and impatient I might add)!

Tuesday we went to our OB orientation, it was pretty much a repeat of a class we already took in England, I felt like a seasoned pro at this point, and of course almost everything they were talking about didn't really apply to us because I'm so far along at this point. I did get a few resources though and that's always a good thing! Amazingly, the girl that was sitting behind me tapped me on the shoulder so I turned around and it was somebody that I had met in England! She is a really good friend of my Stampin' Up! downlines, so I actually know somebody here! I had completely forgotten that they were coming here too. She's 13 weeks a long. I gave her my number, so hopefully she'll call so I can have somebody to talk to and maybe we can get together, this hotel room gets pretty boring.

Also on Tuesday I was able to call and schedule my OB appointment. They tried to get me in this week, but the doc's schedule was completely booked so I have one for next Tuesday at 10:30AM. I'm really looking forward to the appointment so I can get a bit more information and also see how things are progressing!

I'm still feeling pretty good, though I think the baby has begun to drop over the last few days. I've noticed a significant difference in pressure on my lungs, it's so much easier to breathe! However I can feel quite a bit more pelvic pressure and my tummy seems to be lower and sticking further out now. I'm still getting kicks in the ribs, but those are quite tolerable! She rolls around a lot, Drew gets a kick out of feeling my tummy and guessing what parts are sticking out. It's kind of funny when she's leaning forward or out one side because you can feel an obvious distinction between her body and just the fluid. Oh, I also had a Braxton Hicks contraction the other day. Just one though! I felt my whole uterus tighten for about 60 seconds and then it released, it was pretty weird feeling, it didn't hurt or anything though. Guess my body is just practicing!

I have signed up for a birth preparation class on the 15th of December for both Drew and I. Then on the 6th we have a required tour of the hospital facilities and their anesthetic procedures. I still have to schedule the breastfeeding class which is on the 19th, and a couple more things. Otherwise things are getting on track!

Drew and I are going to a Christmas party (very early) for his shop tonight at 6. I'm looking forward to meeting some people in his shop, some wives perhaps?? I hope I'm not the only wife there! I get embarrassed and feel out of place when I am. I think that's most of the updates for now, if I think of anything else I'll let you know! I'm going to try and get some pictures for you all this weekend of the area we are in and a few other things.

Love to you all!

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