Sunday, 18 November 2007

Offer Accepted!

Well, they accepted our offer! They did put a cap on the closing costs but it should be pretty close to that. They put a limit on the appraisal and the home warranty as well, but it's enough to cover both of those things. We have to pay for the inspector, and might have to pay a little out of pocket at closing, but if anything it should be a small amount, so that's exciting!

They are military also, but are not moving to another base, they are just buying a bigger house. They are putting an offer in today and the house they are interested in is empty and ready to move in, so essentially we could be in before the 14th of December depending on how long it takes our VA loan to process.

So, yeah!! We're super excited! We'll call the Lynn at the mortgage office tomorrow and set up an appointment with her to get the loan process started. Pat (our realtor) will get with her to set up the appraisal so we know when to schedule the inspection.

We'll keep you posted as the process goes on, but it looks great so far!

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Amity said...

Thats awesome Jen! Its going to be a crazy couple of months for you guys... new house, soon to be new baby. How exciting!