Saturday, 3 November 2007

He's home.. again!

Cossie is home! He looks great, better than he's looked at all since getting off the plane Wednseday. He looks like himself again! He has a huge incision about 8-10 inches on his belly, it's really purple and bruised, but he looks great otherwise. Apparently he had a small umbilical hernia and they fixed that too. He's currently passed out on his new bed and has his head on a pillow. I took pics but I wont be able to upload them until tomorrow. I'll be sleeping on the couch next to him for the next 4 or 5 days to give him a bit longer to heal. I don't want him to hurt himself by getting on the couch or trying to get on the bed so I'll just lie next to him so he'll stay there.

The emergency clinic was wonderful with him, they kept us well informed and didn't mind my many phone calls to check on his progress. He came out with a cute bandana and ready to rock. I thought he would be in much more pain, but he was good to go and happy to see his mom and family! I don't even want to let him out of my sight I'm just so thrilled he's home.

While it's been a traumatic experience for all of us, I'm glad it's mostly over (still another 10-14 days of recovery) and he's on his way to being our happy healthy Cossie boy again! Thank you to everybody who sent their well wishes and prayers. They were very much appreciated! After some long nights, I'm hoping to finally get a good night sleep, so I'm off to bed!

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