Monday, 28 April 2008


Drew had today off so we went out to run some errands and we had to go get Taylor her HIB vaccine since they were out at her last appointment. I was dreading it terribly, but glad Drew was going to be there to comfort ME this time! We went up to immunizations and checked Taylor in, they Drew up the vaccine while we took her out of her bucket and put her on the table. She was smiling and talking so I tickled her and told her not to pay attention. The tech poked her with the vaccine, and Taylor looked at me, gave out a little whine, then that was it!! No crying, nothing. By the time we walked the 30 feet to the elevator she was flirting with the guy next to us! Go figure. I told Drew he got off lucky since he didn't have to listen to her cry in pain. Maybe HE should take her to get the rest of her shots, ha!

We came home and I took a couple pictures, so here ya go! Taylor definitely had her Daddy's eyes!

I'm off to cook dinner , just wanted to share the pics!

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Betty said...

Cute little princess, I know what you mean about shots. When Delany was little I cried more than she did now I don't care to much je,je,je,...just kidding. Glad to here that she didn't cry this time.