Friday, 11 April 2008

Another room done

Well it took me a few days, but I finished the craft/computer room! I painted it a color called Hosta Flower, which is basically lavender. Here's the pics:

It feels so much brighter and happy in here! The vinyl words above the window says Art of Life, which comes from a quote by Okakura Kakuzo which says " The art of life is in a constant readjustment to our surroundings". As a military family I found this only fitting and a reminder of the change that so frequently occurs not only in location, but in life itself (i.e. having babies, making new friends, leaving old friends, losses of loved ones) and how we react and adjust to it is important but something we may never perfect. In this room, I can reflect our ever changing life into the art of scrapbooks, cards, and of course baby blogs!

Taylor has been doing great all week, sleeping through the night, and taking a nap about 10am and 2pm. She's been sleeping around 5/6 as well before going to bed between 7:30 and 8:30. A growth spurt perhaps? She's been a little crabby still, but not crying much, just whining! I get the feeling there is something that she wants/needs and I'm not giving it to her, I just can't figure out what it is. I can envision her later in life saying "Mom, remember when I was 3 months old and I wouldn't stop whining? Well I wanted this (or felt that) and you did nothing! You cut me deep Mom, you cut me real deep." Okay, I know she wont REALLY say that, and she probably wont even remember, but she sure LOOKS at me live I've done something really offensive. Ahh, the things the books don't tell you!

She also has a new contraption to add to her ever growing collection. It's called a jumperoo which is a cross between a jumper, and an exersaucer. It has posts that the center attaches too so it doesn't require a doorway, it adjusts to 3 different heights so it can grow with her. She's about 1/4" too short for it at the moment. Her toes only touch the ground if she really reaches and she usually has her feet flexed! Besides her tummy time mat (which is still working it's wonders!), and when she's being held by us, most of her things require her to lean back or be on her back so now that she can hold her head up regularly for long periods of time we thought a vertical activity center would be just the thing she needed. Of course it helps me as well so I can actually do some housework while she's awake!

I've got some pictures of her in it, but our computer was misbehaving yesterday and I'm still trying to work out the kinks so I can get the pictures off my card. Go figure the warranty ran out on it 7 days ago! At least I'm somewhat good with computers, hopefully I can figure out whats going on and fix it.

She has a doctors appointment Monday, FINALLY, at 8:30 in the morning. I have some questions to ask, mostly about her her head and if it's round enough! She has one spot that I'm worried about, but everyone assures me that some minor flat spots on a young baby are normal and as she spends more time up it will right itself. I will be more comforted of course, when I hear it from the doctor. Drew thinks I'm over-reacting as well.. must be a mom thing? I did notice that her little swollen lymph node behind her left ear finally went away, so that's good!

Well, I'm off to figure out what I've done to this computer. If I can get it straightened out tonight I'll post the pictures up, if not I'll keep working on it and post them as soon as possible! No big plans for us this weekend, after last weekend I think we need one to veg!

Ta-Ta for now!

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Betty said...

Love the color and the coute, well done Jen!
By the way, Delany's room it is the same color.