Wednesday, 23 April 2008

It's almost time to turn on the AC.

Well we've been trying to make it all the way through April without having the AC on but I don't know if we're going to make it. It's currently 81 degrees in the house but its 9:45 so I've got all the windows open trying to cool it down. We had such a wonderful electricity bill last month (boy is that an oxymoron or what??) that we thought we'd do our best to replicate it this month. We've got 7 days left before May. Can we make it?? So far, not impressed with the weather of "the south". What can you do, right?? Lets just hope my face doesn't have flashbacks of high school with all this humidity!

We did get to see a cool lightning storm last night. I grabbed my camera in an attempt to catch a few lightning bolts but due to cloud cover, only managed to snag these two shots. The sky wasn't really this blue, I just think it looks cool.

So besides trying to stay cool, we've been busy as usual the last couple of days. Tuesday we (that would be Taylor and I) went to Weight Watchers where I surprisingly lost 2.4 lbs! I was totally shocked as the scale hadn't looked like it budged all week. That brings my total to 14 lbs. on the nose. Another 1.6 to my first mini-goal! Can I do it this week?? I hope so! Drew has been doing well too, he's lost somewhere between 10 and 15 pounds, so yay for him! He's not that impressed with some of the changes I've made around the house (only skim milk, whole wheat pasta and light wheat bread, lots of veggies, new interesting recipes). He's handling it quite well though, very few complaints and he even likes some of the new stuff! He's had a thing for oranges lately....

We did some housework and ran a few errands yesterday, otherwise not very eventful. She was pretty cranky, I even took a picture. Some friends don't believe that she is ever cranky since she's always smiling in her pictures. So, here you go... proof she gets cranky!

I've been working on trying to get Taylor to roll over. She can almost roll from back to front but she doesn't quite swing her leg the rest of the way over. Front to back isn't going as well, she gets frustrated easily, but tummy time in general is going much better. Today she spent a good 20-25 minutes on her tummy with no complaints, I think that's a new record! She also has learned how to scoot herself around by rolling from back to side, repeatedly.

We also started playing "Airplane", another attempt to increase her tummy time. I lay on my back and put her tummy down on my shins with her looking over my knees and lean her front to back and side to side. Here's a mom's eye view picture! She vaguely reminds me of E.T. in this photo.. must be the long wrinkly neck. Speaking of necks, I did get a compliment this weekend about how well she held her head and upper body up for her age. I don't know what is average for her age but it was nice to hear. Makes me feel like I'm doing something right!

Shortly after airplaning she went down for a nap, she doesn't sleep for long unless she's wrapped up or on her boppy so if I'm hanging out next to her I'll let her crash on her boppy for a naptime occasionally. Since I had some laundry to fold, it was a boppy nap yesterday. Here she is sleeping so soundly!

Today I got most of her room taped off to start painting. I just need to finish the line where the colors change. I'm hoping maybe tomorrow I can get to it. Drew has the day off tomorrow so he can hopefully keep an eye on her while I get to it. Sometimes I question the projects that I start. I mean really, one color isn't enough? Why don't I paint polka dots while I'm at it! I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end. She'll have the coolest nursery in town!

I'm off to bed.. a busy day ahead tomorrow and I need my rest!

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