Friday, 25 April 2008

My Hawaii Duo...

Taylor and I went to the scrapbook crop tonight, but I didn't get much done. She was really tired and cranky but couldn't stay asleep so we came home. It was still quite enjoyable though and nice to get out and socialize! I also finished painting her room last night.. the verdict?? Undecided. I can't hang the wall border for another two days so I wont post pics until it's complete. The pink is the right color, but the green doesn't have me 100%. Right now it looks like some fruity candy exploded in there..I'm hoping the border does it's job of breaking it up otherwise I might have to find a darker green. Drew thinks it's fine, of course I'm not sure how reliable his sense of color is after seeing the clothes he puts on some days.. teehee! Kidding!

Dad and Leslie just got back from their trip to Hawaii and they sent us a package. My dress doesn't quite fit just yet, it might have to wait until I'm done breastfeeding unless weight loss alone shrinks the girls down enough for it to fit right. Drew's shirt and Taylors dress fit great though! They both wore theirs yesterday so I snapped a shot because they just looked too darn cute! Here's my Hawaii clad duo...and the loves of my life!

I'm off to bed, g'night!

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Betty said...

Jen I enjoy our time last night, we should get together more often I mean it. Your fruit salad was really yummy!
The picture is fantastic they truly are ready to go to a Luao!