Tuesday, 1 April 2008

It's 10:47 and I'm just getting on the computer..

What a day! Taylor and I went to Target before going to weight watchers, then headed over.. I lost 2.8lbs, yay! I was pretty happy about that!

Then, I met Michelle and we went to the Boardwalk to have lunch, then power walk! We went up and down the place, and into some stores, she'd never been there and went shopping crazy, but it was fun that she was so excited. By the time we left it was about 5:30, so I came home and made dinner (pork tenderloin, couscous and Drew's request of corn!). We ate, and then watched a movie.

Taylor was tired so she went to sleep about 7:30. I don't have my hopes up that she'll sleep like she did last night (9pm to 8am straight!!), but that's okay! She needs her sleep so she can grow!! Now, I'm finally in the back room updating!

We're having a garage sale this weekend with a bunch of other people on our block so I've been busy gathering things that we don't use. I'm determined not to be a pack rat! If we haven't used it in 2 years, do we really need it???

Hopefully after we get rid of a few things and re-organize we can get both cars parked in the garage again! It's not TOO Bad, but we desperately need to make a run to the recycle bin with some cardboard boxes and find a place to store our snail, I'm not sure it will fit through the hole to the attic!

Blogger has been running slow when it comes to uploading so I've had a hard time getting my pictures to come through. I'm still working on trip photos, the zoo ones are done, I just need to get them uploaded! I don't have many plans for the rest of the week except to gather things for the sale and organize so I'll do my best to upload them while I work since they take so long.

Hope all is well with everybody!!


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