Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Rest of the Zoo pics

Whew!! I've literally been uploading these ALL DAY! Taylor was a little cranky today, and she did not want to sleep tonight even though she was really tired. She finally went to bed about 9:30 for good. Hopefully that means she'll sleep in.

Anyway, here's the rest of the zoo pics, and then I'll continue on our journey to CA!

This pic cracked me up.. remember in grade school saying.. Guess what? Elephant butt! Well here's the picture to go along with it!

And the elephants better side. :)

Two little monkey's sittin' in a tree. One was grooming the other one, cheeky monkeys!

These next two pictures, I can't for the life of me remember the names of these guys. Both species are pretty interesting looking though!

Sleeping Otters

A giant panda. Right when we got there, they took the other pandas in for the day, we had JUST missed them. This guy had his back to us the whole time so this was the best I could get!

This sunning panther was up in the top of his exhibit, and right when we got there he came down, walked right in front of me and layed down, he rolled over on his back and started sunning. Really a beautiful animal. Of course the big cats ARE my favorite.

Sleeping Hyena (are we sensing a trend here?)

And a couple of eagles.

A trip to meerkat manor! These little dudes are so cute , I just want to cuddle them! They'd probably bite me though.

And a camel eating some hay.

We watched these bears for a while, they were too cute, playing and wrestling.

The gorilla exhibit was probably one of my favorites. They really are gorgeous.

And of course I had to prove that baby Taylor went to the San Diego zoo for the first time. Here she is with Grams and Daddy!

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Debye said...

The little piggy guys are Tapirs and the zebra-ish guys are called Okapi.
Great pics!