Wednesday, 16 April 2008

I took a pic.. and got some in e-mail!

Taylor took her first big girl bath today! I took out the sling insert to the bathtub and she sat in the leaning back part instead! I probably should have done it a while ago, but I wanted to make sure she could keep herself propped up enough, she did! I took a picture for the scrapbook!

And of course a closeup, because I love those blue eyes and grins.

And then our breeder Melissa sent us puppy pics again! I don't know if I mentioned it before, but we've got our puppy chosen based on pictures and Melissa's description of their behaviors and what we are looking for. We had to choose before we go to pick him up because all the rest of the puppies are getting their ears cropped. Since we wanted a natural eared Dane we had to choose in advance but that's okay! I'm confident that we've made the right decision!

Anyway, this is"Danerun's I Hope You Dance" and we'll be calling him "Holden"! We're going on the 3rd of May to pick him up! This is his 6 week picture.

We've also found a wonderful vet who is very familiar with Dane's. Another breeder in the area goes to them and they do preventative gastropexies (the surgery Cossie had to have done in an emergency) on all of her dogs so the fact that they do several is comforting. When we get this boy neutered we'll be having the gastropexy done so we don't have a repeat of Cossie's problem. It's WAAAAY cheaper to do when it's not an emergency!

The baby is sleeping, so I'm off to scrap a page then I'm going to BED!

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