Sunday, 27 April 2008


Taylors room finally got finished this morning with Drew's help to hang the wall paper border. I think it turned out pretty cute! What do you think??

I also got quite a bit of cleaning done yesterday and re-arranged the kitchen to accommodate the puppy's kennel in a fully open position to give him more room when he gets here. We'll have to pull the table out when we want to use it, but it will work for now!

I've got to go feed Taylor but I wanted to get these pics up. I'll post more later!


Amity said...

Wow Jen, Taylor's room looks amazing! I know who I'm calling should I need a nursery decorated ;o)

Amora said...

Love Taylor's room!

The green is absolutely PERFECT. Really. I think if it were any darker, it'd be too much.

Great job!

Betty said...

Well done, it looks really look!
See you tomorrow